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Annada Prasad Padhy

Mr. Annada Prasad Padhy

Annada Prasad Padhy has worked in the SEO industry for over 10 years now. Mr. Padhy has used his technical expertise to grow the region of Bhubaneswar into a thriving techno-industry hub. Through technology training programs assisting graduates with internet technology learning, Mr. Padhy has built an infrastructure of job creation. His work as the CEO of AuroIN has set him on a path to success. This is mainly due to his companies focus on fulfilling the expectations of the customer. Yet, it is not only the focus on customer satisfaction, but in his own words, “the expansion into SEO and servicing international customers” that has built a thriving business for Padhy. He has built a community of SEO businesses in Bhubaneswar and Berhampur. Annada positioned his company to work into a variety of other areas such as web design, brand development, and internet search expertise. In the United States he has successfully expanded into Frederick (MD) and New York. With a commitment to building technology, he has shown successful performance in India and the United States. Mr. Padhy’s hard work, and community involvement have maximized his IT strategy for leveraging a suite of internet offerings. His recommendations are helping to form the market place in SEO development. Annada Prasad Padhy’s articles related to this experience and expertise can be found at Article Destination and Marketing Article Library.

Annada Prasad Padhy has completed his GNIIT in 2000. His involvement in technology grew from his experience at the institute. He seeks to expand into new areas of expertise including such markets as: print media, education, the art world and real estate. Each area helps to diversify the company’s holdings and make stronger Padhy’s ability to offer the “high compensation” he seeks to offer individuals working for him. In AuroIN Magazine, Mr. Padhy outlined of many amenities he seeks to provide to attract, support, and retain the best minds in the Internet industry. He included, a sports club, shopping infrastructure, employee housing and staff quarters, schools, colleges and even an amusement park. It is this type of community building which has confirmed Mr. Padhy’s interest in seeing India succeed as leading business partner to the international community. Mr. Padhy’s vision models after similar visions of business communities like that at Microsoft: where one can have their dry cleaning picked up and taken care before the end of the work day. Annada Prasad Padhy has great pride in his company and the ability of his employees to reach the financial goals he has set. Each year Padhy’s company continues to evolve to meet the demands of customers.

Mr. Padhy’s support has drawn much needed attention to the Bhubaneswar community. As it grows distinct from the surrounding communities in the area Annada Padhy will continue to be part of the growing infrastructure. The speed of the development has come by meeting the challenges of today’s evolving market place by offering products to a diverse and international clientele. Each step toward technological advancement enhances the worth of Odisha.