When you think of community development and Odisha, [formerly known as Orissa] who comes to mind? Many people from the area consider the man who has created more than 2,000 SEO professionals over the past 10 years: Annada Prasada Padhy. Mr. Padhy, who is revolutionizing the way we think of business development in India, has become a leading job creator. Through AuroIN, Annada Padhy oversees a two-year on the job training program which provides a monthly remuneration to trainees. Each year newly trained professionals take the much needed positions created by the growth in Bhubaneswar. The recent success of the program has inspired the growth of more than 36 different companies into the infrastructure of Bhubaneswar. Internet companies seeking to capitalize on Padhy’s initial development have broadened the base of the SEO industry. Annada Padhy founded the first SEO company in Bhubaneswar and he continues to develop international investment for the area as a core member of Investment Bhubaneswar. He began his work in internet marketing in 2000 and within a span of 11 years has empowered a 450+ employee development.

Annada Prasad Padhy’s most recent proposed company developments would include building schools, sports complexes, shopping structures, as well as employee quarters and housing. Mr. Padhy’s work to attract the best minds coming from the area to help build a thriving community of internet workers reflects the new transitional India: a country of innovation, leadership in service, and a population in flux. Mr. Padhy’s concern for hiring the very best minds the market has to offer shows his ability to adapt to the new market place; A market place where job security is an anachronism and a curse. New standards in innovation and development must be learned and adopted. People will need to have a vision for the future of the community. With this in mind Padhy seeks to integrate the value is company by investing in the people of his country. It is this type of commitment to sustained partnership building with the direct community which garners Padhy’s level of peer confidence and sustained success.

Annada Prasad Padhy’s wish is to see his company develop into the leading SEO internet services provider in India. With each step that he makes toward developing Odisha he works hand in hand with his community partners to attain  this goal. And Odisha is not just another region of India: Puri, the coastal town of Odisha, is said to be the new site for the world class Vendata University to be created on the level of Standford and or Harvard. Purna Mohanty points out, “The university has the layout to attract the best minds – both students and faculties to the university, and to preserve natural greenery and rivers, and ocean as is the key to help free-flowing minds to dream and innovate.” This type of world Class University will offer an opportunity of a lifetime for local people and provide much needed enrichment to the community. It is this type of change that Padhy and others have been working on producing for years, for which Mr. Padhy and his peers have sustained efforts to ensure.