Company Profile

AuroIN has successfully grown in the market over the last 10 years. And Annada Prasad Padhy looks back on these years with a level of satisfaction for the amount of work and accomplishment that has been obtained. He compares the development of companies like his own which started at the same time and it is clear that AuroIN has made the more amount of progress in this short time. Some of this Padhy believes is the work of “the money shift in society” these days. Where as “an Indian street sweeper in Malaysia is making more money that a software engineer in India”. And where is this coming from you may ask? Padhy goes on to remark how in the SEO industry, “ people work with dignity, enjoy a healthy work atmosphere, learning environment, access to a modern world, and the opportunity to access and explore knowledge.” This is a great difference from the manual labor jobs of yesterday which did not give the employee the challenge of the mind, the way new high tech sector positions do. Allowing employees to think and use their capacities to a greater extent in their on the job tasks has lead to a global transition toward knowledge acquisition as a main function of the new economy.

Those in AuroIN know this and support hand in hand development with education. The only way to develop a work force that will be able to meet the challenges of the changing market place will be from an educated populace; One in which challenges are acknowledged as a natural part of the new thriving lifestyle. Dynamic growth will be recognized in societies for which an embrace of a learning culture has taken place. At AuroIN, the company knows that this is an essential part of how companies must adapt to the new market place. Meeting this demand through the services AuroIN offers has always placed its customer’s needs at its center and thus customers have always been its main focus.

AuroIN provides this opportunity to its employee through challenging tasks and positions of growth and advancement. Through research and development employees are spurred toward the discovery of new innovations, and processes. Employees of AuroIN are rewarded with many amenities including good salaries. Annada Prasad Padhy constantly seeks out advanced products that are ten years in advance of AuroIN’s competitors. Each of these components puts AuroIN ahead of its competitors as a leading SEO service provider. And makes AuroIN a leading supplier of jobs for a distinguish group of workers.