Annada Prasad Padhy has worked diligently to assure his company’s leading role as the SEO company in India. Padhy, who started in the SEO industry in 2000 has slowly and methodically developed the infrastructure needed to support 2000 SEO professionals. As CEO of AuroIN he is positioned to direct his company’s efforts toward various markets. However, his self financed training program, has most recently put him in a leading position as a developer of IT capital. Many American companies will seek to emulate what has been done in Bhubaneswar in such a short time. At a time when many graduates in the US are unsure if their degree will garner them the much needed graduation job, Padhy has become a part of the growing transition in Odisha. This transition toward technology and servicing the international community’s needs, has lead Padhy to believe that his company’s growth can be attributed to challenging assignments for employees which have kept them motivated and also the expansion the company made into international markets. By having the opportunity to work with the SOHO segment and many fortune 500 companies in the US, Padhy, has begun a dialogue with foreign customers to enable his business to meet the rising demand.

Companies in India are seeking to capitalize on that “just perfect combination” to create business development success. Whereas some will reach toward profits as an overarching goal, Padhy has sought to direct his company toward a customer centric approach, working often with very specific customer demands. “I am often surprised and proud at how we can meet our customer’s demands, even when they have been unreasonable” Padhy has pointed out. From the very beginning Padhy exhibits the professional vision needed to drive AuroIN to the next level. Padhy prides himself on the SEO strategies his company employs to get results. While many companies may compromise their results by using automated tools, AuroIN has executed most of its technical tasks manually. Padhy attributes some of the company’s success with fulfilling customers specific needs to their manual methods.

Annada Prasad Padhy is the Chairman cum Founder of AuroIN, which is one of the largest internet marketing service providers in India. His vision includes his persistent endeavor to put Odisha on the world’s IT map. Padhy’s expectations are to create a platform for showcasing Odisha’s growth potential. He also wishes to explore professional opportunities, and to foster social responsibility in Odisha. With such a tremendous vision one might think this young man would become overwhelmed, but just the opposite has occurred: Annada Padhy has developed a stamina for business development. In 2010, Padhy announced the company’s diversification into other vertical markets, including community involvement in real estate, print media, and education. All of these areas lead back to building infrastructure and Padhy’s commitment to supporting and creating local sustainable growth.