Annada Prasad Padhy @ IT Pavilion, 2014


Annada Prasad Padhy – Invest Bhubaneswar – Odisha Symposium – Interview

Mr. Annada Prasad Padhy, member, ‘Invest Bhubaneswar – Connecting Odisha’, speaking to OdishaLive on occasion of 4th Odisha Symposium.


TV Show – AuroIN is hiring great people – Career plus at Naxatra TV. Join us to build a bright career at AuroIN.


Young Odisha Interview [OTV]

Through Young Odisha, OTV high spots the young talents and young entrepreneurs in Odisha who will be the perfect ideals for the young mass and particularly for them who are living with their dreams.

And Mr. Annada Padhy was chosen for the same.

Here Mr. Padhy has shared how he laid the foundation of AuroIN, his strenuous period in the initial days and some details about this industry. Some focus was given to the career prospectives in SEO industry as well.


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